Fireworks by Western: where passion meets pyrotechnics in a dazzling display that spans three generations. Established in 1949, we are a time-honored fireworks display company with 75 years of illuminating the skies of the United States. Our journey began in Oklahoma as a family-owned enterprise, founded on a commitment to craftsmanship, safety, and the sheer joy of bringing communities together in celebration. 


2005 Downtown Denver New Years 

2005 Downtown Denver New Years 


2016 Montreal
fireworks competition


2021 Santa Fe
New Years 


In 1949, Fireworks by Western emerged as a beacon of brilliance in the night sky, founded by Norman Burnett, a visionary with a passion for pyrotechnics. What began as a humble family-owned enterprise soon transformed into a time-honored fireworks display company with an enduring legacy. Fueled by the commitment to craftsmanship, safety, and the sheer joy of communal celebration, Western Enterprises Inc. embarked on a journey that would define the landscape of fireworks displays for generations to come. Norman's pioneering spirit laid the groundwork for a company that has since evolved into a cornerstone of tradition, marking its 75-year history with a continuous dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation while remaining true to its roots. This origin story shapes the essence of Fireworks by Western, emphasizing a rich history that started in 1949 and continues to illuminate the skies with awe-inspiring spectacles today.

1988 - Mr. Mutoh's once in a lifetime experience at the Grand Canyon

One of our grandest fireworks production traces back to a Japanese fireworks manufacturer's victory in the "We will fly your dream on our Wings" contest, sponsored by Japan Air Lines and DENTSU. Mr. Mutoh, the visionary winner, dreamt of witnessing his fireworks illuminate the Grand Canyon. Our close ties with the Japanese fireworks association led to our selection as the U.S. facilitator, managing the entire process from importation, trucking, permitting, logistics, to providing skilled personnel for the fireworks production. When the U.S. Park system restricted firing fireworks in the Grand Canyon, negotiations with the Havasupai Indian Nation allowed us to showcase the spectacular event in their tribal Nation, Havasu Canyon. A collaborative effort involving individuals from Japan, Oklahoma, and California brought this extraordinary event to life over several days, capturing every moment on film. The production, broadcast nationwide in Japan, stands as a testament to the cross-cultural collaboration and creativity that defines our exceptional fireworks displays.

2006 -  Winter X Games gets some explosive entertainment

In 2006, our fireworks expertise took center stage at the Winter X Games, underscoring our commitment to innovative pyrotechnics. As the exclusive pyrotechnic provider for this prestigious event, we crafted a dynamic display that heightened the excitement of the Winter X Games. Our skilled team meticulously orchestrated the fireworks, ensuring precision and safety amid the winter sports action. Collaborating closely with event organizers, we curated a custom fireworks experience that added a visually stunning dimension to the festivities. From towering bursts above snowy slopes to synchronized displays choreographed to the rhythm of extreme sports, our fireworks became an integral and unforgettable part of the Winter X Games in 2006.

2012 - 100th Anniversary Cherry Blossom Festival

We were selected by the Japanese government to help facilitate the “importation of the product, the trucking from the shipping port to location, permitting, logistics, insurance, and providing personnel to handle the labor for the fireworks”, in commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the introduction of the cherry blossoms from the country of Japan to the United States. This was a gift from the government of Japan to the United States. The fireworks performance was to showcase the Japanese Fireworks Artistry of Daylight Fireworks (called Hirayama Fireworks). We fired the fireworks from a barge in the middle of the Potomac River.