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Western Enterprises received an invitation to complete in the prestigious 26th Edition of the Montreal International Fireworks Competition: Summer 2010.  Western Enterprises accepted the invitation and represented the United States on Saturday July 17, 2010.  Western Enterprises competed against: 

Taiwan, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Canada, Sweden, and France.  A review of the team’s display on an independent website dedicated to this international competition concluded with these encouraging words:  “I have a feeling that whatever happens, we will see a return of Western Enterprises in the future as they certainly did an excellent job for a debut display at this complex and unforgiving site."

Soon, we will be posting a link dedicated to the Montreal Competition.  As we are in the process of creating this special page, we leave you with twenty (20) pyrotechnic tableaus from this beautiful presentation to keep you up to date.


Recently, we had a very special guest visit our office and manufacturing facility.  Lou Zambelli and his daughter, Gina, spent nearly a week here, and all of us will forever treasure the time we shared together.  Lou Zambelli is a tenured and highly respected member of our Pyrotechnic Industry and it was a true honor to have him visit our facility.  Lou Zambelli is Gary Caimano's uncle, so it was a time for family to reunite, and new friendships to be born.

At the age of eight-three, Lou Zambelli still has a passion and zeal for life; his sincere love for our Industry (and those who comprise it) is evident in his every word and action.  He spent most of his time working with our Skyworks team: teaching, listening.  He imparted a great deal of his manufacturing knowledge and time-blessed skills to our crew.  And of course, there were fireworks.  On the eve of his departure, we presented Lou and Gina Zambelli with a spectacular display featuring our Skyworks line of close proximity products and signature aerial special effects.

We wanted to share a bit of Lou Zambelli and his legacy with you, and we hope you enjoy the photographs below.  From our hearts we thank you and may God continue to bless and treasure you, Uncle Lou.

Eighteen photos from Lou's recent visit.

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