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The Top Ten List
Here are the Top Ten Tenets that define the core of our "Customer Care Program". Click on the green links below to find the questions you need to ask and the answers we need to provide regarding your special pyrotechnic production.

6. How do I plan and organize my Pyrotechnic Production? Strategy

Strategy: A plan, method, or series of maneuvers or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result.

The event sponsor or event planner has a daunting task to manage all the aspects of the various elements of their event. That is why lead-time for advanced planning is so critical in panning and organizing the fireworks display as well. In recent years, the requirements for approval from local and state regulators have changed dramatically. Event planners should recognize that advance notice for approval of the fireworks permit has increased significantly.

Item One: Budget

  1. The event planner or sponsor should determine the amount of the budget, if possible, so that the pyrotechnic company has a concept of the scope of the show.

  2. In the event the display is new and a budget has not been determined, the pyrotechnic company can assist the event planner in establishing the range of cost.

Item Two: Site

  1. The site of the pyrotechnic display is one of the most important determining factors of what type of display is possible and the scope of the show. 

  2. The area in which the fireworks are launched must be clear of people and automobiles.  In the event that area is limited, there are a variety of options that can be discussed with the pyrotechnic company to design a fireworks show to fit those limitations. 

  3. It is important to choose a fireworks company who has experience with multiple types of shows and venues.  Fireworks are fired from flatbed trucks, rooftops of buildings, barges over water, and stages with performers present, as a backdrop to other entertainment and from inside racetracks and stadiums.

Item Three: Type of Show

  1. There are many different types of displays (Genres) to choose from based upon the location of the event, the space between the potential launching area and the audience, the purpose and theme of the event, the specific regulations of the jurisdiction where the event is held and the time of day the event takes place. 

  2. The most common type of fireworks show is the traditional outdoor fireworks display, but more venues are utilizing new designs and products used in close proximity pyrotechnics for outdoor events, indoor and theatrical pyrotechnics and even a new line of daytime fireworks.

Item Four: Selection of the Pyrotechnic Company

  1. The level of service that a company provides can many times make or break a successful event. 

  2. In order to properly plan and coordinate the fireworks production, the professional company should assist the sponsor to anticipate all the logistical needs of the display. 

  3. The most important consideration that the pyrotechnic company should base its recommendations upon is safety.  There is no excuse strong enough to bend the rules or otherwise jeopardize safety of the public or operators. 

  4. The company should provide a detailed proposal (Treatment) that describes the production sequence, provides a complete product listing (size, type, description of effects), includes a list of services to be provided, the insurance coverage, equipment list and clearly defines the responsibilities of the sponsor as well as the company.  They should also provide a contract, which includes those elements. 

  5. The most important consideration of the pyrotechnic company should be safety of the public and technicians.  The second most important consideration should be the quality of the production.

Item Five: Pre-event Meeting

  1. Since site selection is of critical importance in the early planning stages, a representative of the company should be willing to personally inspect the site before a proposal is submitted to determine the correct type and size of effects that would be appropriate for the location. 

  2. The company should inquire into the theme and style of the event and design the production accordingly.  The company should also determine the specific permit and safety requirements of the venue and discuss them with the proper fire and police authorities.

Item Six: Coordination of the Event

  1. When the selection of the company has been made, the contract has been signed and the date has arrived for the event, a representative of the fireworks company should arrive at the site with the necessary personnel, equipment, materials and tools to properly conduct the show. 

  2. He should meet with the sponsor or event planner to discuss the particulars of the set-up, operational conduct and post show procedures.  They should discuss weather contingencies, emergency response plans and the time of the start of the event.  It is important to establish the method of communication between the sponsor or event planner and the show operator. 

  3. He should also review the plan for security, show communication for music and cues (if appropriate) and between fire and life safety personnel and to make sure the operator and those personnel are in constant contact during the show.

  4. Once the show begins, the operator, fire official and sponsor or event planner should be in contact with each other in case a contingency or emergency exists. 

Item Seven: Post Event Coordination

  1. After the event is concluded, security must still be maintained until the site is checked and released by the operator.  The site should be cleaned up and all facilities should be left in an approved condition.  The fireworks company should also verify that all unexploded pyrotechnic materials have been removed from the site.

The most important consideration of the sponsor and pyrotechnic company should be safety of the public and technicians. The second most important consideration should be the quality of the production. With sufficient lead time, a good logistical plan, a professional team with the proper equipment, experience, and commitment to safety and quality, the outdoor fireworks display can be a most exciting and moving experience for all those in attendance as well as a valuable addition to your festival or event. It is truly one of America's oldest traditions and will continue to increase in popularity well into the next Millennium.


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Strategy: A plan, method, or series of maneuvers or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result.