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The Top Ten List
Here are the Top Ten Tenets that define the core of our "Customer Care Program". Click on the green links below to find the questions you need to ask and the answers we need to provide regarding your special pyrotechnic production.
Planning Your Event

We are truly excited to learn about your special event. As you navigate our website, we hope you see how earnest and sincere we are when it comes to designing special pyrotechnic spectaculars for each of our clients.
The completion of this form is the first step to determine if Western Enterprises is the right pyrotechnic firm for you. In turn, the information we receive from you allows us the ability to suggest production ideas, learn more about your special event, and present creative and dynamic concept topics for your consideration.
Let us begin a dialogue, for communication is the first step in endeavoring knowledge and insight.
Thank you for your time and consideration, and best wishes to you always.

Gary P. Caimano
Marketing Director, Choreographer

Part One: Please provide contact information:

Phone Number
E-Mail Address

Part Two: Please provide your special event information:

What is the name of your special event?

Is this a new event?  Or one that has been held before?


When does your special event take place?

Other Date:

What type of show (Genre) defines your pyrotechnic event?


Where is your event fired? This is the physical firing site – where pyrotechnics are launched?

Other Firing Site:

Is your event:

Choreographed to Music Not Choreographed to Music

What is the duration of your event?


Is your event simulcast on radio or television?

Radio Television Both Neither

What is the proposed budget for your event?


What company has supplied your pyrotechnics in the past?

We want to learn about your event so please feel free to add comments that will help us understand what makes your event unique.

I would like to talk to one of your representatives as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration!