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The Top Ten List
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Motion Gallery
International Competition Winner: Quebec City
This four-act musical production masterpiece is a testimony to choreographic excellence. Western Enterprises Wins the First Place Prize.

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Historic: Opening Ceremonies Oklahoma Centennial - Tulsa
Watch the brilliant narrative of Oklahoma's history come to life on the buildings and skies of Tulsa, Oklahoma! Rare and historic production documentaries included.

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Aerial Disney Presentation
Representing the highest performance standard, a Disney production always inspires the very best in performance aerials and tableaus

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Christmas Production Wichita
Enjoy the magic and spirit of Christmas. This Wichita WinterFest Production was one of the very first choreographed Christmas productions in our historic Hallmark.

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Classic Historic Productions
These "once in a lifetime" production moments reflect some of the most interesting, charming, and challenging events ever produced.

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Close Proximity
We are very proud of our close proximity line of designer products manufactured in house by our Skyworks team. Watch these products choreographed and in action

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Close Proximity Historic Denver Millennium
This is the special event that began our epoch as close proximity manufacturers. It is unlikely that an event of this magnitude and creativity will ever be duplicated again, so catch it while you can!

View Historic Denver Millennium >>
Close Proximity Mexican Castillo Phoenix
What fun! This production also was an early trailblazer that helped define the genre of close proximity. And what treasures await, the firing from a Mexican Castillo!

View Mexican Castillo Phoenix >>
Close Proximity Mexican Fiesta Phoenix
The Mexican Fiesta in Phoenix illustrates a true and traditional celebration of joy, happiness, and identity. Thousands enjoyed this annual event at the beautiful Civic Center in Phoenix..

View Mexican Fiesta Phoenix >>
Designer Classic Songs and Tableaus
Unique, classic, and traditional songs that made our designer's list as true choreographed beauties. These choreographed classics have been selected from our musical hits library.

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Fabulous Phoenix Fourth
One of the great destination cities for July 4; always presenting a Hallmark special event! This production has it all: great music, intense choreography, and a setting that is in a word, fabulous.

View Fabulous Phoenix Fourth >>
See what the media has to say about Western Enterprises. This two-part presentation illustrates how others evaluate our body of work!

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Our Choreographer Gary Caimano
He has been doing his unique and creative style of choreography for thirty-six years. Find out a bit of who he is and what drives his magic, production after production!

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Electric Set Pieces
This exciting but seldom used genre replaces the traditional sixty-second pyrotechnic set piece with a long-lasting alternative!

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Phoenix Millennium Celebration
Our largest and most memorable Millennium production. Although it was produced a decade ago, the power, beauty, and dramatic pulse of this production will live forever.

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