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The Top Ten List
Here are the Top Ten Tenets that define the core of our "Customer Care Program". Click on the green links below to find the questions you need to ask and the answers we need to provide regarding your special pyrotechnic production.
Customer Guide

Welcome.  Here is your Fireworks by Western Customer Guide! This guide resides on ten (10) tenets listed below, and attempts to provide you with information that is cogent, entertaining, and essential - information that will give you insight and answers as you plan your pyrotechnic production. All of us at Western Enterprises are dedicated to providing our customers unparalleled Safety, Service, Success, and Style, as enumerated in our Mission Statement.


Western Enterprises is defined by three words: words that must translate into deeds so that all of our customers benefit from our:


Integrity: (noun) (1) soundness of and adherence to moral principal and character uprightness; honesty. (2) the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished.
Excellence: (noun) (1) the fact or state of excelling; superiority, eminence. (2) an excellent quality or feature: adj. worthy, choice, first rate, admirable.
Distinction: (noun) (1) a marking off or distinguishing as different. (2) the recognizing or noting of difference. (2) a distinguishing quality or treatment with special honor.


Our Customer Guide weaves Integrity, Excellence, and Distinction throughout the topics and links of this web site, during every customer association, and each event production. Our commitment to our customer service and satisfaction is our sole motivation and corporate mission.

In all actuality, our entire web site is a guide to our current and potential customers, for the material on our site gives one the opportunity to make an objective determination when considering the services of Western Enterprises. Yet, we have devised an easy to follow format in question form featuring what we consider to be the most frequently asked questions that clients address. At each step in your event planning process we want you to understand what you can expect from Western Enterprises, how and where you can obtain more information from us, some tips on ways to make your pyrotechnic production go smoothly, and finally where to go on this site to get assistance and answers.


We are interested in hearing from you and procuring your help in making future editions of the Customer Guide fit your needs. Please contact us with your specific questions, needs, or concerns. Thank you, best wishes, and please Contact Us with any questions or needs.

Table of Ten Tenets: Our Customer Guide (Click On Links Below)

1. Who is Western Enterprises? ...

2. What is Fireworks by Western? ...

3. How do you create The Spectrum of Pyrotechnic Production Greatness? ...

4. What types of shows do you offer? How are these shows defined? ...

5. Who is Skyworks Limited? What is their association with Western? ...

6. How do I plan and organize my Pyrotechnic Production? ...

7. What does a show cost? How do I know what to budget? ...

8. What experience or credentials do you have in your Industry? ...

9. When I finally define my show genre, and my budget, what do I do next? ...

10. What are the most common questions asked in your Industry? Answers? ...