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The Top Ten List
Here are the Top Ten Tenets that define the core of our "Customer Care Program". Click on the green links below to find the questions you need to ask and the answers we need to provide regarding your special pyrotechnic production.

10. What are the Questions I need to ask and the Answers I need to know? Accountability

Accountability: Subject to having to report, explain, or justify; answerable; something that can be explained; explicable.

Questions and Answers:
How high do fireworks shells go?

As a general rule of thumb, you can figure 100-feet per diameter inch of shell.  However, since we manufacture a great percentage of our products, our aerial shells go much higher than the Chinese shells that you see in the standard market.  This is because it is safer to have the shells break at a higher elevation than at a lower elevation.

What happens if it rains?

If the weather is not conducive to allow the safe firing of your fireworks display, then you should have a secondary plan to fire your display on another night, normally the following night or on another night that is acceptable to you and the fireworks company, but it should be during the same calendar year.

How much distance do we need from the firing area to our spectators and parking areas?

The distance factors that are established by the NFPA 1123 Code of regulations for staging safe outdoor fireworks displays requires a minimum of 70-ft per diameter inch of the largest shell that is being fired in your show.  In other words, if the largest size of shell that is being fired in your show is 5", the minimum distance is 350-feet from the closest spectator and automobile.  HOWEVER, because the "wind does blow", we strongly urge that a minimum of at least 100-feet per diameter inch of the largest size shell be the factor you should utilize. 

When is the last date that we can make a decision?

The worst thing you can do is "wait too long" to make a decision, especially if you are expecting the fireworks company to provide the licensed operators to handle the firing of your display.  Many clients try to book early in advance to ensure that they are guaranteed that they will have their show.

It is best to at least make your commitment to a fireworks company early, at least six months prior to the event, then complete your budget within two months ahead of the date of the display.

Is there really a difference in the quality of fireworks?

Definitely.  It is the same as anything else.  Is there a difference in automobiles, shoes, clothing, and so on?

Our industry has unfortunately evolved to a point where more is better: quantity at times compensates for the lack of quality, and true, pioneering pyrotechnic art. We have taken deliberate steps in our history not to succumb to this trend. Western Enterprises takes its breath, and fuels its production soul by one constant thesis: to create safe, visionary, and innovative spectaculars unique to each client's needs and performing stage. We produce drama. Our pyrotechnic dramas that are properly staged and venue-designed specifically for the client's event, and the client's audience. In the process, we accomplish uncompromising theatrical elements of beauty and charm.

The truly most frightening thing you can do is to base your purchase of fireworks on a cheap price.  Display fireworks are "explosives"!  Display fireworks are inherently dangerous to begin with, and it isn't worth getting hurt, just to try to save a few bucks!  In other words, you get what you pay for!

One other point:  Compare our website to our competitors.  Take the time to preview our  Motion Gallery, Testimonials, Photo Gallery, and Media Page.  Contact our References, and see what they have to say about our company, Western Enterprises, Incorporated.  The difference rests in how a company performs, how it is perceived by its clients, and what it believes its Mission to be.  Take the time to make the right decision.

Why is there a difference in the quality of fireworks, and how do I tell the difference"?  After all, I keep seeing the same names used in proposals we get, such as chrysanthemum and peony.......aren't they all the same?

All fireworks are not manufactured by the same manufacturer.  It isn't like trying to comparison-shop the same make and size of television from various stores. (Check out our Stars of the Night Sky)  Just take China for example.  There are literally hundreds of factories in China alone.  And there are some very good manufacturers in China.  HOWEVER, there are some factories that produce inferior products.  This is obviously a reason for price differences.  It is the philosophy of Western Enterprises to utilize the very best, highest quality products.  It boils down to the safety of OUR technicians and YOUR spectators!  This is a major reason why we manufacture special lines of products in our own manufacturing division, named Skyworks, Ltd., because we know the quality and performance of these products.

Do all fireworks come from China?

No, but it is likely that approximately 85%-90% of the display fireworks used in the United States come from China.  In our performances, we will utilize as much as 35% of our own products.  We know that this is one major reason why Western Enterprises is not the same as other fireworks companies.  And we know the quality is there.  Note the distinctive shells from our family of importers, and from the various links provided on our website:  Stars of The Night Sky, Motion Gallery, and Photographic Gallery.

Why should we move our firing location, the fireworks company from whom we have been buying told us this is okay?"

This is often difficult for a customer to understand, especially when the customer has been having their fireworks display fired at a location for such a long time, and there haven't been any problems.  Before we ever make a proposal to a client, we personally go to the customer's proposed firing site and do a "site inspection" to determine the safety distance factors and other logistical consideration.  We make our proposals based on what is the safest scenario possible for the client.  Please take a look at how we compose a Treatment.

Why should I buy from Western Enterprises?

Western Enterprises strives to be different from all other fireworks companies.  It has to do with our high quality products, our excellence in staging and choreography, and our honesty in fulfilling what we say we will do for our customers.  Some of our customers have been with us for over 50 years.  We have had some customers leave us for a year, but then they came back the very next year, because they found out that there is much more to this than just a "great deal".  Please review our Customer Guide, especially: Origin, and Definition.

We just received a proposal from another company and it looks like they are giving us more shells than you are proposing.......why?

Usually this means, 100% pre-packaged, cheap Chinese shells.  Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it is.  And when purchasing display fireworks (explosives), you had better place quality above quantity!  Know what you are buying, insist on definition by example.


Accountability: Subject to having to report, explain, or justify; answerable; something that can be explained; explicable.