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Consider this section the essential "Marketing-Promotional Folder" we would sent to you if you were inquiring about our company.  Everything from our marketing introduction, to photo essays and articles - all ready to be saved or printed for your use; just click on the green link below.

The Top Ten List
Here are the Top Ten Tenets that define the core of our "Customer Care Program". Click on the green links below to find the questions you need to ask and the answers we need to provide regarding your special pyrotechnic production.
Plan You Own Production

Use our interactive information form to provide us with important knowledge about your special fireworks production. We will provide a unique and colorful production treatment based on your answers. So take a moment and let Western Enterprises learn about your special event.

So take the first step in planning your production with Fireworks By Western.  Thank you!

Stars of the Night Sky

Catch a glimpse of a few of our performance designer aerials - the heavenly stars that brilliantly perform on the skies of night. We are proud of our "dramatis personae" for this cast enlightens audiences night after night, production after production, in unique tableaus fused by fire and passion.

We think you will agree with the Chinese proverb ... One picture is worth ten thousand words.

Welcome to Fireworks By Western
Welcome to the magical, colorful, and exciting spectrum of pyrotechnic production excellence: Western Enterprises, Incorporated.  Thank you for visiting our website, and we sincerely hope that the information presented assists you on all facets of planning related to your pyrotechnic spectacular!

Our goal is to provide prospective clients with information that is easily accessible and fundamentally sound. We respect your needs individually, and fully understand that your pyrotechnic production is unlike any other: it is "special" to your event, your site, your theme, your budget, your audience, and most importantly, your personal expectations for greatness. Yes, welcome indeed, and best wishes!

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Discover our corporate identity, our passion for Safety, Service, Success, and Style as we quest for Production Excellence.

Photo Gallery:
Witness some of the most beautiful pyrotechnic tableaus ever created; these performance tableaus feature our cast of heavenly stars.

Motion Gallery:
Preview clips from Hallmark Performances featuring: Millennium Celebrations, a Castillo Production, close proximity shows, seasonal shows and much more.

Read unsolicited letters from actual event producers who objectively define the special qualities of Western Enterprises.

Printed Media:
From articles written by the Western team, to Media coverage of spectacular venues, we will illustrate why our shows are so unique and extraordinary!

Customer Guide:
We present time-proven strategies that carefully outline the steps to creating a safe, dramatic, and spectacular event. This definitive link answers all your questions, and defines display options allowing you to create your own Spectrum of Pyrotechnic Production Greatness.

Planning Your Event:
We ask you the questions about your special event, you fill in the blanks; and after the form is complete, we will send you a beautiful production treatment based on your location, budget, and product specifications.

PDF Archives:
Read or print our vital marketing and promotional information. Related links on this page provide useful information on show planning and artistic elements. Your success is our motivation, and these links will hopefully provide assistance and enlightenment.

Thank you so much for considering the services of Western Enterprises, Incorporated.  We feel that we are on the threshold of many wonderful accomplishments yet to be born, and we would be very fortunate to include you as one of our Hallmark clients. Best wishes to you always, and we wish you continued success and happiness.

Gary P. Caimano - Director of Marketing and Choreographer    (800) 375 2204       garyc@fireworksbywestern.com

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